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              Wuhan Xinzhou Huajiang Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production, management, research and development of well-known hydraulic equipment company, is in Wuhan City after the full implementation of enterprise restructuring in accordance with the resources, the principle of optimal allocation of re-establishment of the joint-stock company. Huajiang company gathered a group of outstanding technical, production and management personnel, combined with advanced mechanical, hydraulic circuit design, control system research and development technology, to provide you with the most satisfied with the quality, the most reasonable prices, the most sophisticated technology support and the most efficient after-sales service.
              The company produces a series of smart card laminating machine, series of flat-panel vulcanizer series foam molding machine, rubber extruder, such as through numerous well-known enterprises at home and abroad for long-term use, access to a wide range of praise, will not only Huajiang innovation, more advanced research and development of hydraulic machinery, and wish the new and old customers at home and abroad and Huajiang's utilities, such as rolling in the Yangtze River water flow long chain and the continuous development towards glory.

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          Address:Wuhan Xin Zhou Qu Zhu Shing Street along 132 Avenue ICP:06014555 Technical Support:Jetsum Technology